OpenSim Creator Documentation#

OpenSim Creator is a UI for building OpenSim models. These pages are the official documentation for OpenSim Creator, where you can find basic installation instructions and introduction tutorials.


Screenshot of OpenSim Creator’s osim editor screen.#


These documentation pages are work-in-progress 🚧. If they aren’t helpful enough then feel free to open a ticket on OpenSim Creator’s GitHub page. This documentation is kept in the project repository here so, if you know what you’re doing, you can also try to submit a PR.

Getting Started#

  • Get an OpenSim Creator release. Grab it from the đź“Ą releases page on GitHub. Make sure you download a release that is suitable for your machine. Install it according to the installer’s instructions.

  • Boot OpenSim Creator:

    • On Windows: Search for “osc” or “OpenSimCreator” in the start menu and open the application. Alternatively, browse to your install location (default: C:\Program Files\OpenSimCreator\bin\osc.exe).

    • On Mac: Search for “osc” or “OpenSimCreator” in the finder (Super+Space, search, enter). Alternatively, browse to your install location (default: /Applications/

    • On Linux: Search for “osc” in your desktop. Alternatively, browse to your install location (default: /opt/osc/bin/osc).

  • Explore the UI. You’ll probably want to initially explore and experiment with the UI by loading some of the example files, which are shown on OpenSim Creator’s splash screen. We recommend double_pendulum.osim if you want something basic, or ToyDropLanding.osim if you want something “meatier”.

  • Work through the tutorials. Once you feel comfortable with the basics (opening/creating files, moving around the UI), then you are ready to start đź“– Make a Pendulum.

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